Our latest, brand new Mbox is made of Honeycomb paper boards combined with corner protectors. It’s of a strong, protective box which is easy to recycle. The Honeycomb boards have good compressive strength and are reinforced on the edge with corner protectors, it contains only 3 parts for assembling a single box. They can be supplied with Honeycomb legs to be used also as a Honeycomb paper pallet . Mboxes are easy to stack and store. They are delivered folded as you can see on the pictures below.

The advantages of the Mbox are:

  • customizable dimensions length, width, height
  • easy to assemble
  • light weight
  • delivered folded, so easy to stack and store
  • suitable for export, made of non wooden material
  • protects against the ravages of difficult transport and/or longterm storage
  • made with 100% recycled paper



P61011-120202P61011-120227 P61011-120239 P61011-120252